1. The “New” Fan

I get it, you just found out about the show, BUT DO NOT FUCKING ACT AS IF YOU KNOW MORE ABOUT IT THAN SOMEONE WHO HAS SEEN ALL THE SEASONS/HAS FOLLOWED THE QUEENS FOR A FEW YEARS. You’ve seen the first season? Oh, congrats honey! Do you know who RuPaul is now?? Good for you.

2. The “One Season” Fan

Similar to Number 1, only this person doesn’t acknowledge other seasons. You watched season 6. Oh my god, Bianca is your favorite Queen?? Yeah, I love her too! What do you think of Sharon Needles? Oh, right… YOU DON’T KNOW WHO THAT FUCKING IS.

3. The “I Do Like Drag Queens!” Fan

Yeah, yeah, I know you like Drag Queens. You follow Kim Chi on Snapchat, you follow Violet on Instagram, you’re also just oh so supportive of the LGBT community..  But, what was that you asked me last night? What is a tuck? Riiiightttt………………..

4. The “I Am a Drag Queen!” Fan

Now, listen to me: I know that every Queen had to start somewhere. But when someone (usually a 16 year old gay boy) throws on a wig with a snapback over it, puts on mamma’s lipstick and sends out a few Snaps, also saying HE’S A HUGE FAN OF DRAG RACE BUT DOESN’T KNOW HOW MANY SEASON IT HAS and just acts as if Drag is his life, yet he never even saw a HIP PAD (neither does he know what it is). BYE. JUST BYE.

5. The “The only Queens I Know of Are RPDR Queens” Fan

You watched the show? Awesome. You know the names of over 20 Queens? Great. You think you know oh, all about the Drag world.. EXCEPT YOU DON’T FUCKING REALIZE THAT THERE ARE QUEENS OUTSIDE OF THE SHOW. Shocking, huh?

6. The “I Hate __________ because of how She Acted on the Show” Fan

Look honey – do you know what a show is? A FUCKING SHOW. WITH EDITING AND SHIT. Sure, the one that seemed like a scumbag may have been a scumbag, but DON’T keep hating on the Queen/everyone who loves her, without looking up what she’s actually like.

*cough* *cough* Phi Phi, Laganja, Gia……

7. The “WoWPresents has a YouTube???????” Fan

I can’t believe that there are RPDR “Fans” out there, that have only seen the Queens on the show. Nothing else.

Milk’s LegenDAIRY Looks? Nah. Be$tie$ for Ca$h? No. Bro’Laska? Uhh… Photo RuView? ………………………………………………. Chachki’s Porn Tape???

8. The “YouTube Drag Queen” Fan

Omg yes I know who Willam is!! Willam Belli right?? Oh, Laganja?? Isn’t she the one that did a video with Jeffree?? Courtney Act? The one that was in a video with Ricky???

9. The “One Type Drag Queen” Fan

ugly voice: “I only love Drag Queens that actually manage to look like women. Courtney Act for example. Why the fuck does Trixie Mattel/Milk even exist??”

10. The “My Favorite Queen is _______” Fan

And this is usually Violet Chachki because she’s the latest winner and most people have heard of her.

Did you like her season? Uhh, yeeeah. What did you think of the Top 3? ….nice. Do you even know her offstage name? ………………….that exists?