If you follow Adore Delano on any social media platform, you must have known about After Party, her new album. Released on March 11, 2016. The album has 13 tracks, the lead single being Dynamite which was released on February 26, 2016.

As many people already noticed, this album is more mature than the previous one – naked and half naked people, a different tone, the word explict in the title… If you look at the videos, especially the video for Take Me There, you can see that the shots are very tumblry and I absolutely love all the looks she has in that video. Come thru Drag Katy Perry!

And as for Dynamite, in some parts, the song reminds me very much of Adore You. Not the whole song, but some bits definitely do. Also, the makeup is stunning.

My favorite song has to be I Can’t Love You. The vibe is absolutely amazing.

Personally, I am not that into pop music, so I would LOVE to see Adore do some rock tracks, but obviously – that’s all up to her (I know she listens to rock too). But it seems as many people are really into her new songs and I am so so so proud of her x