As some of you may know, Cynthia Lee Fontaine was diagnosed with liver cancer (Stage 1) after she got off the show. She got only one chemo treatment, and in an interview she did with Chron’s Joey Guerra, she announced that she is now officially cancer free.

She also said that she visits her doctor every month and that her weight has increased.

Another interesting thing that she added was that some of the best friends she made on the show were Laila McQueen, Bob and Acid Betty. Yes, you read it right – Acid Betty. Apparently, she was the first Queen that flew in to see her after her treatment. She made sure that this Cucu was alright and promised to call her every five minutes.

Interesting, huh?

Especially with all the things Acid said about Trixie Mattel (see here) and the story about her abusing her ex (see here).

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