I don’t know about you, but How to Get Away with Murder is one of my favorite TV shows, so I decided to mix two things that I love – that show and drag queens.

So here’s what drag queens I connect with what characters, but note that on one hand you have people who are working with crimes and on the other people who wear glitter, wigs and perform – so there definitely have to be some differences:

Bianca | Annalise

Look, I know that when you think of Bianca, you probably think of comedy, but I think of personality. A huge one. Plus, I see her as a very tough person that has a lot of love for people that mean something to her, and that’s why I connect her and Annalise. Buuut, I do see a little Raja in her as well.

Adore | Wes

I see Wes the same way that I see Adore – he’s like a little puppy, the definition of cute, someone who cares a lot about people around him, yet not overly emotional. He also knows how to take the lead, but at times people do seem to overlook how amazing he is.

Fame | Connor

Don’t even ask me about this one – it just makes perfect sense for me. I don’t know why, it just does. These two are the same person in my head and I have no problem with it. I have one word for both of them: polished.

Bob | Michaela

I feel like both Bob and Michaela are very professional, but when they snap, they snap real hard. They have big ambitions and if they want something, they definitely fight for it.

Laila | Rebecca

Punk, pretty, and one of the first ones to go. Just kidding, I am a huge fan of Laila’s and I wish she would have stayed longer on RuPaul’s Drag Race, but putting that aside – I can see some similarities when it comes to these two. They are both a bit closed off, but you definitely notice them and once you get to know them, they can really win over your heart.

April | Laurel

Selecting a queen for Laurel was like the hardest thing for me (which sounds so bad, I know), but I have a serious problem when it comes to her because I love this character so freaking much and I have absolutely no clue as to why?? I mean sure, she’s nice and stuff but I like her way too much for someone who is just “nice” in my book… Okay, I don’t know if you get me, but whatever, all in all this was one of the characters for which I couldn’t just select a queen off top of my head. Like, no one really rang Laurel to me, so I had to think a bit, hah. In the end I selected April, mostly because I think that she is really genuine and on top of that she is super pretty to look at.

Violet | Frank

Frank is s u c h a babe. And yeah, so is Violet.You do the math. Plus they both always get what they want, and well, come on top. Both are dominant, calm and they definitely always know what to do. A pretty slut for a pretty slut (and this is written with so much love).

Alaska | Oliver


I don’t really have anyone for Asher, Bonnie (Naomi maybe??) and Nate, but if you do, feel free to share in the comments, as well as your other picks x