Sweet mother of Jesus, the Top 3 has already been announced! This season flew by so quickly, and the bar was set pretty darn high. And now we’re waiting for the winner to be announced. Wow.

Now a bit about the Top 3….

This Top 3 is right next to my favorite – the ABC of Drag. If you follow me for a long time, you know that all of the girls from the Top 3 were on my favorites list before the show even started. I have no idea how we got such an amazing trio, but I’m glad we did. And I really feel like anyone could win at this point.

1. Kim Chi

Every runway THIS is who everyone was waiting to see. THIS is the person that everyone was looking at and wondering whether she would ever run out of ideas. Every piece carried by Kim on that stage was a masterpiece. Every single one. I mean, I’m pretty sure some Queens, with a few of their outfits combined, wouldn’t reach her level. But some people don’t think that it’s okay for a Drag Queen to be only a look. They think that without the comedy, the acting or the dancing, a Drag Queen is not a Drag Queen. I’ll touch on that in just a moment.

2. Bob The Drag Queen

Bob has the entertainer part in the bag. Seriously, if Bob was doing a cereal show in the middle of Antarctica and you had to shave one of Honey Boo Boo’s dad’s legs, I would do it, just to see her perform. She knows how to work that stage and make your eyes never leave her. Now on the other hand, some people believe that she doesn’t have the most amazing looks out there. It’s not that she doesn’t know how to dress – it’s just that the chances are she isn’t going to come out wearing a perfectly crafted paper flower on her head or a stunning handmade feather dress when you see her.

3.  Naomi Smalls

Three teens probably just committed suicide just at the thought of her legs. Gurl. This bitch looks like a Victoria’s Secret Angel mixed with a high fashion model that didn’t eat in years mixed with a gazelle. Plus she knows how to Vogue. Bitch. I could watch her strut in lingerie all day long. But some think that she lacks humor. That she should do more acting. That she should entertain more.

When it comes to people expecting a Drag Queen to have it all, all I really want to say is – GO FUCK YOURSELVES.

Do you have it all? Do you know how to dance, act, sing, make people laugh, do death drops, beat your face, sew, have an amazing taste, rock the lip syncs AND SO MUCH MORE?

I’m pretty fucking sure the answer is no.

You don’t freaking hate pictures because they’re “only nice to look at”. You don’t hate music because it can’t create a damn dress.

So enjoy whatever the hell someone has to offer, and if the person slays in one category, why would that be a problem?

So after all this being said, what do you think of the Top 3? Who are you rooting for?