If you watched Untucked for Season 8, Episode 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, you definitely heard what Acid Betty said about Trixie Mattel. So here’s the question – who do you like more?


I seriously can’t stand Acid Betty anymore. Do I like her looks? Yes. I think that she is really creative and, visually – she does the job, but the way she acts just grosses me out.

It started with her being abusive towards her ex – which you can read more about here. Obviously, for this one we don’t have real evidence, but I believe in that story, mostly because Bianca Del Rio liked the post.

Then Acid got on the show. First, to me, she just seemed like bitch. Nothing too special. But in this episode of Untucked she pissed me off SO FREAKING MUCH. H o w the hell can someone be so disrespectful? Not only did she say those ugly things about Trixie, she had the nerve to repeat them. A couple of times. Some of them being while Kim was trying to listen to the message.

And besides saying that Trixie’s make up was ugly, she even said that Trixie was ugly.

Gross. Absolutely gross.

Even if she doesn’t get Trixie’s make up, I completely agree with Derrick (who was the only Queen besides Kim that really stood up for Trixie, so kudos to her) – IT’S NOT FOR HER TO GET. Does everyone get Acid’s make up? I don’t think so. But so what? Nobody goes around talking shit about it on live TV. You should like whatever you want to like, just don’t go around saying rude things about people and things that you, first of all – don’t understand. Simple as that.

But that just goes to show her character. It’s not making Trixie look bad, it’s making her look bad.

And I still can’t believe what a cutie Kim Chi is.